Show Me the Money Season 11 Cast, Release Date, Trailer, Plot & More

Show Me the Money Season 11

Show Me the Money on Mnet has been one of the most popular shows in Korea for the past few years. Mnet confirmed on July 1 that the Hip Hop reality show would return for its eleventh season in the second half of 2022.

Despite the announcement’s brevity and lack of specifics, a few points captured our interest. The eleventh season represents a turning point and the beginning of a new chapter. After a decade of Hip Hop, Show Me the Money Season 11 will release ‘The New One.’ What is the most recent version? Who’s the newest? It looks exciting, but we’ll have to find out later.

In the lead-up to Show Me the Money, producer ciphers will reveal the rappers’ mentors. Send a video now if you believe you have what it takes to be the next Korean Hip Hop sensation and apply for Show Me the Money season 11 before July 30.

If you wish to participate in the Show Me the Money Season 11, go here for more details.

Show Me the Money Season 11 Release date

Show Me the Money Season 11 Release date

Show Me The Money is a popular program. Running for ten seasons, this show is more natural than any other music competition program. In addition, this event features an exceptional rendition of the song rapping the freshly evolved face of music someplace. This is why its first and second seasons were so popular; it premiered eight seasons later.

As far as forest Show Me The Money season 11 is concerned, they have been referred to as show me the season 11 when made. The creators and producers of Show Me The Money have not announced the upcoming season. Shortly, there will be an announcement regarding Show Me the Money Season 11, and we will let you know.

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Show Me the Money Season 11 Cast

Show Me the Money Season 11 Cast

Kim Jn Pyo and DJ Vani host Season 7 of “Show Me the Money,” which follows four fantastic teams: Team Just Music (Swings and Giriboy), of which Swings is the founder and rapper, participated in season 2 as a participant under Team D.O and appeared in season 3 as a judge/producer alongside San E under Team Brand New Music.

Giriboy, a rapper, songwriter, and record producer, signed to Just Music and WEDAPLUGG Records, a Season 3 participant member of Team YDG. Deepflow is the renowned CEO, rapper, and producer of Vismajor Company’s Team VMC (Deepflow and Nucksal) (VMC). In contrast, Nucksal is a rapper on Team VMC who previously competed in season 2 and finished as the runner-up in season 6. Team Hi-Lite & AOMG (Paloalto and Code Kunst). Paloalto is the founder, rapper, and producer of Hi-Lite Records, and he competed as a judge/producer for Team ZiPal in season 2. In contrast, Code Kunst is an AOMG-signed music producer. HIGHGRND previously employed him. Team Illionaire Ambition is comprised of The Quiett and Change. The Quiett is the co-founder, rapper, and producer of Illionaire Records. He has participated as a judge/producer for Team Illionaire in seasons 3 and 5.

In round 5, each team selects four contestants: Team Just Music, ODEE, Nafla, YunB, and OLNL. Team VMC, Chaboom, Los, EK, and Keem Hyo-eun follow. Team Hi-Lite & AOMG, pH-1, Kid Milli, Qwala, and Loopy follow. Team Illionaire Ambition, Superbee, Lee Dong-min, D.Ark, and Coogie round out the lineup.

We also have Nafla, the winner of this Show Me the Money season, who is in the spotlight in season 7. He competed as the winning producer for Team Just Music’s Swings and Giriboy.

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Show Me the Money Season 11 Trailer

However, keep an eye on Show Me the Money Season 11. We will notify you as soon as any season-related information becomes available. You can view the show Me the Money Season 10 trailer on our website.

Please view the program and provide feedback. Save this website for additional updates and show-related news.

After watching the show, please share your thoughts with us. Save this website for additional updates and show-related news.

Show Me the Money Season 11 Plot

South Korean television program Show Me The Money. The show focuses mostly on a rap competition between several rappers based on the “Hip Hop” concept.

When it debuted in 2012, the show received great attention; by 2022, it had reached its ninth season. This series’ primary objective is to increase South Koreans’ interest in hip-hop by introducing them to its culture.

Show Me the Money Season 11 Plot

Eun Ji- Won and Kim Jn Pyo served as hosts during the show’s airing. It was distributed in South Korea by Stone Music Entertainment, a Han Dong Chal, CHE & M business-owned company, and Han Dong Chal, CHE & M company.

The producer of the series, Han Dong Chal, has stated that he wants to introduce Koreans to the hip-hop globe and demonstrate that there is more to Korea than idol dance and music. The series has produced eleven fantastic seasons thus far.

Where To Watch Show Me the Money Season 11

Show Me the Money airs on My Drama List, and you may watch all of the seasons. Once you begin, you won’t be able to stop until the full season has passed.


What an amazing and exciting reality show this is! The show has many surprises for its audience, who may feel a wide spectrum of emotions, from love to betrayal to temptation to trust the truth to duplicity to grief.

Have you seen the previous seasons of this television show? Please view the program and then provide feedback. Bookmark this page in your browser for the most recent concert updates and information.

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